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You Will Know

AMillionMees Productions, LLC

Thu June 27 - Sun June 30

You Will Know is a comedy sketch show that explores the challenges of joblessness through fourteen distinct characters. This original play, written and produced by Michal Roxie Johnson and theater veteran Walter J. Slowe III, mixes live theater, film and music, created in partnership with Triumphant Music Group Studios.

The cast includes Johnson and Slowe who play main characters Raina and Justin. Through a series of comedic sketches, the cast showcases how they deal with unemployment and find strength in the freedom it provides. The filmed portions of the show are complemented by local talent including, Honour McClellan, Frankie Jones, Eric Johnson, Kathleen Williams, Ryan “Rarah” Stevenson, and a host of other local talent.

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Thursday Jun 27 11:00 pm
Friday Jun 28 11:00 pm
Saturday Jun 29 11:00 pm
Sunday Jun 30 6:00 pm
Ticket Prices:
General Admission $25.00
Senior/Student $15.00